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  • How to Have Confidence & Enjoy Your Summer

    I’m so excited to share this week’s video with you! I wanted to introduce you all to Paige Schmidt from Health Hits the Spot. She’s here to continue the conversation we’ve been having here on my blog (HERE and HERE if you missed it) about how you can have more confidence this summer. This video is […]

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  • You Make the Rules

    It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest, greatest diet fad. I feel like every time I get on social media there’s another “before and after” image promising results in X amount of days. There’s nothing wrong with these types of programs, however, when you allow yourself to become results obsessed, you set […]

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  • Focus on Joy, Not your Weight

    In a session with one of my clients, we were discussing the overwhelming pressure of feeling like we should be a certain weight or size this time of year. It seems like *everywhere* you look you see “bikini body” tips and diets…as if we aren’t worthy enough or ready to wear a bikini yet. And […]

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  • How to Naturally Cleanse + Detox Without Dieting

    Today’s video/post is all about natural ways to cleanse and detox. I’m going to share my top 5  go-to tips to help naturally support your body in cleansing on a daily basis as opposed to doing an extreme juice fast or diet, which as not sustainable for living a healthy lifestyle.  1. Start oil pulling – […]

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Welcome to Your Balanced Lifestyle!

You hear the word “balanced” everywhere but what does it mean here?


It means creating a healthy lifestyle that you love.

No counting calories, no guilt, no deprivation.


It means learning to love yourself and giving your body the nourishing foods that make you feel happy and alive; that are unique and personalized for you.


And it’s not just about food – it’s about loving life.

Having thriving relationships, slowing down and connecting with nature, setting achievable goals, and having the confidence you need to pursue your dreams.


I used to feel sick ALL. THE. TIME.

I was bloated and lived a chaotic life with late night fast food binges and shame around eating. Learning how to stop stressing over having the “perfect” diet (read more about my story HERE>>) led me to cultivate an intuitive relationship with my body, stop obsessing over food, and gain respect for my body. I developed a healthy relationship with food and found my normal, happy weight!


As a Health Coach, I’m here to help you stop obsessing over food and learn how to listen to your body’s unique needs, gain a deep love and respect for your body, and cultivate a wellness lifestyle that feels satisfying and balanced.


In my health coaching program, I support my client’s transformation by teaching them how to nourish their bodies, mind, and soul. 


I help you discover Your Balanced Lifestyle. I believe there is no “perfect” way of eating that works for everyone; we are all unique!