Your Balanced Lifestyle Four-Month Program

Do you want to finally find peace with yourself and put an end to those endless self-criticizing, obsessive thoughts that run rampant throughout your mind all day?


Have you used food as a way to cope with stress or anxiety?


Have you been a chronic dieter or obsessed with ‘health’ yet never feel truly healthy and connected to your body?


I’m here to help.

In our sessions, you will discover a powerful connection to your body and your soul’s deepest desires. You will fine-tune your goals and uncover what holds you back from moving forward towards your authentic self and purpose. Throughout our four months together, we will uncover hidden fears, limiting beliefs, and self-doubt so that you can feel empowered to honor your truest wants and needs. We will work through the challenges and roadblocks that keep you frozen with fear and anxious, unable to enjoy your life fully. You will find balance as you develop easy and reliable healthy habits that nurture your body and mind. Together, we will explore how to honor your hunger and find peace with food by developing an intuitive relationship with your body and creating a wellness lifestyle that feels satisfying for you.


I’ve learned from working with my clients that true health doesn’t come from sticking to rigid diets and rules – true health is acquired when you feel the freedom to live your life authentically and stop putting pressure on yourself with impossible, unrealistic standards. I will help support you in gaining a deep love and respect for your body so that you can live a life full of confidence and joy.

So what will you learn?


As a client, you will:


– discover how to nourish your body, in a way that’s unique for you

– learn to choose grace over guilt and develop a deep love and respect for your body

– set and achieve realistic goals that make you feel energized, motivated, and happy

– explore new foods and learn to love cooking simple, healthy meals

– cultivate self-trust and learn how to make decisions from a place of intuition

– recognize and reduce cravings

– develop self-compassion and deepen your personal relationships

– take time to treat yourself through self-care and create the balance that you need

– feel confident, calm, and beautiful, ready to live the life you’ve always imagined

Your Balanced Lifestyle Four-Month Program includes:


– two 50-minute phone sessions per month (8 total)

– curated and personalized action steps per session to help guide you towards your goals

– unlimited email + text support from me between sessions

– my Wellness Welcome care package full of my favorite things

– my personal commitment to you and your health throughout your journey


Working with Shannon has really opened my eyes to how I could be feeling. At first my mind was all about creating a change so I looked better, but she made me realize that it is so much more than that. I started to feel better both physically and mentally. I started to actually like myself and do things that made me happy. I started to really see different areas of my life that I could be doing something to make it better, make me better and happier. These could be tiny changes, but they made a huge difference.  I also started to see changes in my skin; My bloating went away; My stomach pains went away. She really worked with me as a person and made me feel special and unique. She always made me feel comfortable and treated me like a friend. It’s definitely hard; It’s a process, but Shannon does everything she can to make it simple and easy to follow.” – Lisa

I currently have a waiting list in place for this program. Join below and I’ll be in touch once I have openings!