The Importance of Date Night in My Marriage

Matt and I have had opposite work schedules for the majority of our eleven year marriage. {yes, we were basically babies when we got married} We’ve never had ‘regular’ weekends off together or typical 9-5 work days. Because of this, we’ve had to get very intentional with the quality time we spend together and today I wanted to share what we’ve learned and what works best for our marriage.



Date night is a must. Over the past year or so date night has become one of our top priorities each week. It’s important for us to take time away from our day-to-day lives to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company, so we take time to have date night at least once a week.   

We truly cherish this time together because Matt works most evenings so dinner isn’t always spent with each other. We plan date nights at home, too. We put our phones away, unplug, and enjoy a night in. 

Moving to a new city/state last year helped open up many opportunities for us to get out and explore new areas. It’s been a lot of fun discovering new local restaurants and events around Orlando. Plus, being right next door to Disney World doesn’t hurt either. 😉 We’ve definitely become regulars at all of our favorite Disney spots.

Making date night a priority in our marriage has helped with our communication. Matt and I have completely opposite personalities. He’s extremely laid back and easy-going and I’m…well, extremely opposite haha. I’m always doing something. In the past I’ve struggled with finding time to “turn-off” my to-do list and slowww down. Setting aside time every week to completely unplug has not only improved our marriage, but it’s allowed me to actually take time off. When you work from home the work doesn’t end. There’s always something that needs to be done. I’ve had to learn to discipline myself and know when to stop for the day. {Although I’m not perfect…I struggle with this daily}



Rose Gold Sweater // Faux Leather Skirt // Shoes // Clutch


Here are a few of our favorite date night spots:

  1. Morimoto Asia 
  2. Bartaco 
  3. Jiko 
  4. The Boathouse
  5. STK {we’ve only been here for happy hour but they have great cocktails!}
  6. Earls Kitchen + Bar

I’d love to hear your thoughts & what you like to do to spend quality time with your significant other, please share in the comments below!

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