New Hair Color + 3 Simple Healthy Hair Tips

I wanted to change my usual highlighting routine so I did some research online and discovered Erin Mills at Dolce Vita Salon in Winter Park who specializes in blonde hair color. I knew I wanted to make it more icy rather than golden, golden being what I normally go for. I love the icy blonde look and I thought it would be perfect for the holiday season! Erin is incredibly talented and I’m so thrilled she was able to fit me in {and let me film the process, too!}  

I showed her a few pictures of looks on her IG that I liked {tip: when looking for a stylist in your area, search the locations tab on IG to find stylists that appeal to you!} and she gave me exactly what I wanted.  I’m definitely going back to her once it’s time for a touch-up!

She was nice enough to write down an entire breakdown of everything she used for me to share, here’s the list:

Framarint— color brushes, clips, bowls
Oligo Pro — lighteners
Ultra Bond Seal — bond builder
Loreal DiaRichesse — root shadow
Redken Shades EQ — gloss
Sam Villa — shears



  1. Use hair rings instead of elastics. I know it seems silly but these make a huge difference in the health of your hair, especially if you wear it up often. The Invis-bobble hair rings prevent breakage, don’t slip out, and don’t crease your hair – they are a must-have! They come in several colors and sizes, too. I try to only wash my hair every few days so I always wear them during workouts to prevent messing up my style.
  2. 2. Use heat protectant. In an ideal world, I wouldn’t use heat on my hair…but I do – I style my hair using a curling iron. I know, I know, but I don’t like wearing it straight and the Florida humidity doesn’t really allow me to either. I’m always on the hunt for the best heat protectant spray. I love Oribe’s Royal Blowout because it’s packed with nourishing protein, repairs split ends, and smooths down flyaways like nothing else I’ve tried before. It’s pricy, but if you’re a heat styling addict like me it’s worth it.
  3. For blondes, use a blonde shampoo/conditioner.  I didn’t do this for years and once I started incorporating purple shampoos into my regular hair care routine, I could tell a major difference, especially in the longevity of my highlights. A purple shampoo is created specifically for blondes to keep the color nice and bright. The Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner are my favorites because they also contains UV protection and add a nice shine to the hair {not to mention Oribe products smell amazing!}.




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