Hi, I’m Shannon!

I am passionate (ok ok … some could say obsessed) about helping you create a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle that you love.


Without quick-fix diets, without restrictive meal plans, and without counting calories.




Because I’ve spent the majority of my life with crazy asthma & allergies, chronic digestive pain & hormonal issues, and anxiety around eating.


Every time I ate I felt bloated, exhausted, and sick.



Can you relate? 

So what exactly does a balanced lifestyle mean?


It means getting to know yourself and discovering the foods & lifestyle that make you feel happy, healthy, and satisfied. The foods that are unique and personalized for you through deep exploration and self-discovery.


What did that mean for me?


In August of 2010, I discovered that I have Celiac Disease, then later found out that I am also allergic to dairy.


So, you’re probably wondering how I live a balanced lifestyle if I am constantly having to avoid gluten and dairy? Poor me…I’m so deprived, right? Wrong!


I’m actually much happier now that I know what foods make me feel good. I love to eat and I love food. I could never say this before. Plus, I no longer suffer from bloating, mood swings, headaches, PMS, or acne (and I don’t use nearly as much skincare products!) 😉


Before I continue my story, let me share my goals for you:

I’m here to help you discover Your Balanced Lifestyle. I believe there is no “perfect” way of eating that works for everyone; we are all unique.

You may feel like you’re never going to figure out what “diet” works best for you.


You may have tried every diet and program out there but still feel like you’re hitting a dead end.


You may be ready to give up, willing to accept that this is just the way you are.


 Guess what? I’ve been there too.


I struggled with chronic digestive issues for several years. I’ve tried almost every diet and fad out there. I was ready to give up. Nothing worked.


But please, do not give up!


When I stopped eating foods that were making me sick and customized my diet accordingly, I felt like a different person! I remember saying to my husband, Matt, “So this is what it feels like to be normal!!”

Getting to know your body & learning to listen to what it needs is key in discovering how to live a healthy, balanced life.


Through my health coaching, I will support you in discovering the foods that make you feel good that are unique for you. Food should be fun, right?!


I don’t believe in labels or restrictions.


I do believe that knowledge is power.


You deserve to live life stress-free, eating delicious, nourishing foods that make you feel energized, beautiful, and happy. (Don’t worry, chocolate included 😉 )

Discovering this new lifestyle lead me to make a correlation between the foods I ate and my overall well-being.


I read every nutrition and health book I could get my hands on. Educating myself gave me my power back.


I started to incorporate a lot more whole foods and vegetables into my diet and taught myself how to cook – I had always HATED cooking, so this was a huge step for me!


I lost over 35 pounds and found my healthy, happy weight.


I felt good. I felt free! I was able to exercise and actually enjoyed being active. No more achiness, inflammation or headaches. I listened to my body and ate the foods that fueled me and made me feel great.

After working in the beauty industry for 7 years, I created a YouTube channel to share my beauty tips online. However, once I improved my health (and skin!) through my diet, I began to share wellness and healthy lifestyle tips to help others who were like me.


Today, I have 100,000+ subscribers in over 100 countries on YouTube. I was inspired by my journey to health to further my education in nutrition and discovered the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Enrolling in IIN to become a Certified Health Coach completely changed my life!


I am passionate about coaching and empowering you with the techniques and tools you need to find what your body needs.


My goal is to inspire you to listen to your body, and in the process, find Your Balanced Lifestyle!

What is Your Balanced Lifestyle?

It’s a platform where I share my lifestyle tips and tricks with all of you, in hopes to encourage you to realize that living healthfully can be easy and fun! I live a whole foods lifestyle and use products in my daily routine that are nourishing to my body – from beauty products to household cleaners, I believe in utilizing what is best for our environment and our health. I believe in self-care, in having healthy stress management routines, and enjoying this beautiful life. I hope you are inspired to join our community & lifestyle!

What is Your Balanced Lifestyle's philosophy?

YBL isn’t just about eating nourishing, whole foods, but about achieving optimal health through whole living! I focus on all aspects of life to create the balance we desire in diet, physical activity, supportive relationships, spiritual well-being, self-care, positivity, and finding fulfillment and happiness in everyday life.

What do you eat in a day, are you vegan?

I think I get this question the most! I’m not vegan. I believe in choosing real, whole foods over labels. Because I have Celiac Disease, everything I eat has to be gluten free. When I plan my meals, I focus on veggies first. I eat lots of greens, legumes, root veggies (sweet potatoes are my fave!), smoothies, nuts and other healthy fats/carbs like avocados, sprouted quinoa, buckwheat, millet, + more. My diet is always evolving with what is in season because I like to save money by shopping at local markets and produce stands.

How do you afford to eat healthy on a budget?

The more whole, plant-based foods you eat, the cheaper your grocery bill can be! I actually spend less money now than I did when I ate the “traditional” or standard American diet. I don’t find myself eating out as often because now I enjoy cooking at home. You gotta be smart about it though…delicious, organic produce is not cheap. I go by the “Dirty Dozen” list while shopping for organic produce and buy a lot of my foods in bulk. HERE>> is a blog post I did with more tips on how to shop healthy on a budget.

Where do I begin if I want to start eating more healthy foods?

First and foremost, start by incorporating whole, plant-based foods in your diet! These are simple foods, like greens and other yummy veggies. Experiment with cooking veggies and see what you prefer! Doing a whole foods cleanse is another great way to figure out what foods nourish your body, and which ones don’t.

What is your skin care routine?

One of my favorite topics! When I worked in the beauty industry, I had the opportunity  to use top brands like Creme de la Mer, ReVive, and Chanel – however, my skin always had breakouts! Our skin is our largest organ and it is directly affected by what we put in and on our bodies. No matter what type of products you use, your skin will always be affected by your diet. Plus, your skin absorbs everything you put on it so slathering on layers of chemical-filled serums and creams isn’t good for your health either. Now I stick with using natural ingredients like coconut and sea buckthorn oils. Paired with a diet full of whole foods, I don’t get nearly as many breakouts as I used to. Simple = more effective. HERE>> is a video about my current skincare routine!

What is your workout routine?

I love being active and taking care of my body through workout out. Sweating is great for detoxing the body and gives me so much energy! But I have one confession: I get bored very quickly with my workouts. If I don’t change things up frequently I stop doing them. I discovered Tracy Anderson several years ago and I’ve been doing her programs ever since. I am in my third year of her Metamorphosis/Continuity program and I LOVE it!! I also love going outside for a walk/run, jumping rope, and doing yoga to keep me centered and focused.

What are your favorite foods/meals?

Oh man, this is a tough one because I love eating! My favorite foods are guacamole with lots of cilantro, garlic mashed potatoes, spring/summer rolls, Santosha dark chocolate bars, and hot tea. (…does tea count as food?! 😉 ) The best meal I’ve ever had was the Italian Bread Service at Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge at Disney World. Oh. My. YUM. Vegan and gluten free naan bread (!!!) with red pepper hummus, mango chutney, and coriander chutney. Heaven. I liked it so much that Matt and I recreated it for Valentine’s Day this year. I will post the recipe for the gf/vegan naan once I can get it right…it still needs a little tweaking!

What are the best teas for newbies?

If you’ve watched my YouTube videos, then you know I’m obsessed with tea. I get a lot of questions about which teas are best for newbies. If you’re just starting out and wanting to drink a sweeter tea, I recommend trying Yogi Skin Detox. It’s a green tea with hibiscus, raspberry, and stevia leaf so it has a nice, subtle sweet flavor. If you’re looking for an herbal tea to replace your morning cup of coffee, I recommend Traditional Medicinal’s Roasted Dandelion Root – it has a deep, nutty flavor that is the perfect coffee replacement plus another bonus is that it’s great for getting your digestion juices flowing!

How can I become a Health Coach?

Click HERE>> if you want to know more about the health coaching program at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. IIN changed my life and I would be happy to talk with you about starting your journey!

Shannon H. Sullivan is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and plant-based cook, creator of the popular health coaching program Your Balanced Lifestyle, and web host/producer on Youtube where she posts weekly videos that inspire healthy eating and living. She lives in sunny Florida with her husband and Maltese, Mickey.