7 Motivating Reminders When Life Feels Tough

Lately, I’ve had a lot on my mind. Looking back and thinking about where I was this time last year and the difference one year has made has served as a good reminder that although we go through tough seasons, we always come out stronger & wiser than before. Tough seasons teach us to continue pushing through no matter the circumstance. To keep following our hearts. We all go through difficult seasons so I wanted to write this post as a reminder to myself of things I need to hear when I need a little motivation, especially when life feels tough (and share some inspiring quotes, too!).


Don’t Be Afraid.

Fear rears its ugly head the moment something you want feels uncomfortable. When it pushes you beyond your “normal”. So push back. Break through your fears with the excitement of knowing that what you want is possible and go. for. it. Everything you want in life is on the other side of fear.  


It’s okay to talk about your feelings.

It’s easy to feel like you need to “have it all together”, but talking about your feelings is the best way to find peace about a situation. Having an open, honest heart is not only good for your mental health but it allows you to emphasize more with others. Seeing your problems through someone else’s eyes challenges your perspective and makes room for clarity.  

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Your Self-confidence is attractive.

It’s so easy to downplay your qualities and talents for the sake of appearing “humble”. But downplaying your abilities and who you are only leads to unfulfillment in life. You won’t feel happy when you aren’t confidently being you – all of you.


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quote about being true to yourself


Don’t settle for second best.

Know your worth. Don’t settle for less than what’s best for you and your life – whether it be in your career or your relationships. Don’t make excuses for people…it’s not worth your time. Nurture the relationships with the people who will love all of you despite your flaws and your past.    

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You’re on your own journey.

It’s easy to get caught up in the game, especially with the amount of digital content you consume each day. Trying to catch up with everyone around you – to do this better or to be more like that – but stay on your own path. Don’t get sidetracked by the shiny objects. You won’t find fulfillment trying to please anyone but yourself. Don’t give weight to opinions that don’t matter. Trust the ones who know you…all of you. Stay true to your heart and follow your passions. You know what you want.

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Never apologize for being you.

This one is especially important for all of my fellow people pleaser’s. Don’t change yourself to please anyone else, despite what people may say about you. Life’s too short to worry about what other people think about you. I promise. You know who you are. Do what lights you up inside and never look back or apologize for following your truth.   

quote about being true to yourself

quote about being yourself


Always, always, always practice positive self-talk.

The way you talk to yourself affects every aspect of your life. Words hold incredible power and we are constantly talking to ourselves in our head. We have the ability to change our happiness just by shifting our perspective. Visualize what you want, make it a reality in your mind, and go after it with all of your heart. In sports, they say every game is played with the mindset of being 10% skill and 90% mental. If you can imagine yourself living  the life you want, you can create the life you deserve. So start creating. 

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Thanks for reading my thoughts! I hope this brought you a little motivation to keep pushing through even when life feels a little tough. xx

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