7 Habits of Successful Women

Today’s woman is unstoppable. There is no limit to what we can accomplish if we stick together and support each other. And there’s nothing better than seeing women find success in doing what they love. Pushing through adversity and fighting for what they want. A successful women to me is a woman who creates success on her own terms. Success doesn’t have to mean obtaining a certain amount of money, landing a high powered job, or looking a specific way. Finding success means staying true to your own definition of success. 

Personally, I would never be where I am today if it weren’t for the women who have empowered me with the confidence to follow my dreams. The women I look up to are strong, smart, powerful, savvy, confident, secure, loving, and brave. All of the stories I’ve read and the people I’ve met throughout my career and beyond inspired me to compile 7 habits of successful women. But remember, the most important aspect in all of this is that you create success on your own terms.

successful women habits

habits of successful women

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Successful women set goals

Goal setting is extremely powerful. I talked about how to set realistic goals in this video on my YouTube channel, but being realistic with what you want to achieve is key in finding success. Successful women have a habit of setting goals regularly. They put in the hard work to make their goals a reality – re-evaluating and making changes along the way…which brings me to the next habit…

Successful women are open to challenges and change

The road to success is never easy. No matter how easy some successes may appear {especially nowadays on social media} nothing is achieved without adversity, pushbacks, and really freakin’ hard work. Successful women face challenges head-on and adapt to change, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel. They keep moving forward. They believe in themselves and stay true to their path, making necessary adjustments along the way.

Successful women support each other and encourage action  

“Empowered women empower women.” Successful women support other women and are happy watching them succeed. They are confident enough in their own skills and abilities to encourage the women around them to explore their talents and take action towards making their own dreams a reality, too. Successful women celebrate other women’s successes and stick with them through hardships, too.   

Successful women appreciate the “gift of time”

The “gift of time” is a concept touted by one of my inspirations, Trish McEvoy. {I highly recommend her book “The Makeup of a Confident Women”} The “gift of time” is essentially valuing and setting aside time for you – taking care of yourself and focusing on your personal needs. Successful women know that taking time out for themselves refuels their creativity and better enables them to care for others more effectively. Successful women know that “me time” isn’t selfish, it’s imperative for growth.        

Successful women educate themselves

To experience success, you must be comfortable with not knowing everything about everything. Women who succeed in life habitually educate themselves to progress forward. No matter what industry you choose, change is inevitable. Successful women recognize the need to stay educated and grow as they progress forward in their field.     

Successful women celebrate the big wins and the small  

There is nothing unworthy of celebrating in the eyes of successful women. No matter how big or small, every win is acknowledged. Every achievement deserves recognition and praise. Celebrating your wins will give you the confidence and fuel to keep moving towards your dreams, taking necessary risks along the way.  

Successful women practice balance

Women who are successful know the importance of work/life balance. They take time away from their work to care for their families. But, they also give themselves the permission to work towards their dreams without feeling guilty for pursuing their own desires.  

Who are some of your #girlboss inspirations? Please share in the comments! Thanks so much for reading! 

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