5 Changes I’m Making This Year

Happy 2018! As I get older, I tend to embrace change with a little more acceptance and grace each year. Although it feels uncomfortable at first, change inevitably brings deep personal growth, which is something I’ve learned to appreciate with age. This past week, Matt and I got stuck in Charleston, SC because of the unexpected snow storm. It changed our plans, we had to cancel appointments and miss work. I could’ve easily allowed myself to worry about all of the inconveniences it caused, but instead I chose to make the best of things and enjoy the extra time with family. The down time we had gave me time to reflect on last year and about a few changes I’d like to make in 2018.

Last year was a huge period of growth and change. I chose the word “renew” as my theme for the year {which I talk more in depth about HERE} and I challenged myself in every area of my life. I put a strong focus on cultivating the things in my life that bring me true joy. I cut back on my self imposed judgements, fear, and people pleasing tendencies. I allowed myself to find pleasure in my work rather than feeling like I “need” to do something because it’s what was expected of me – I chose to follow my heart instead of my head. This year, I intend to carry on these same habits of change. Here are 5 changes I’m making this year:

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  1. Get up early

Oh goodness this is such a challenge for me. Because Matt works in hospitality, he doesn’t get home most nights until very late and I typically like to spend time with him when he gets home. Late nights make for an easy excuse to sleep in but this year I’m making an effort to get up extra early no matter what. I’d like to have more “me time” in the mornings before diving into work and getting up early will make room for this. I want to have time to reflect and journal in the mornings without feeling rushed to begin my work day.  

  1.  Stop the comparison game

This is something I worked on in 2017 but it’s a easy trap to fall into, especially when social media plays such a huge role in my career. Being in this industry, I am constantly bombarded with feeling like I’m not doing enough or not doing everything I could/should be doing. There are so many amazing people to look to for inspiration but sometimes FOMO gets the best of me. This year, I intend to progress gracefully and be content in growing at my own pace.

  1. Take time off

I’m a workaholic and could probably work and never sleep if my body allowed. This year, I making an effort to take more time off – unplugged. This will allow me to focus my time better which will make the time I spend working even more productive.

  1.  Challenge myself creatively and go beyond my comfort zone  

I’ve already started doing this by uploading my first vlog style video on my YouTube channel. For 2018, I am challenging myself creatively by pushing my personal boundaries and trying new things. Since starting this blog in October, Matt and I have had so much fun shooting content in creative ways and I will continue to push myself even further this year.

  1. Travel more

This year, I want to explore more places in Florida and beyond. Now that we live in Orlando, we are surrounded by many incredible beaches and places that are only a drive away. We already have a few trips planned and incorporating more travel content here on my blog is something I’m looking forward to doing more of this year.

What are some changes you’d like to make this year? I’d love to know so please leave me a comment below! Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Wishing you all a wonderful new year!  

PS – how do you like my makeshift plastic bag snow boots?! 😉

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Black coat with bow – found it HERE and HERE, and similar HERE / Jeans / Sweater {similar} / Lipstick / Earrings 


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