Find Your Balance

One of my core beliefs and values that I support my clients with is to find your own balance in health – actually, in all areas of life, but for this post I want to talk about health and wellness.

This has been on my heart recently because I feel like the small snippets you see of my life in my videos on YouTube are sometimes a poor reflection of me, personally. I use the words “healthy” in my titles so I’m immediately labeled as “healthy”, when in reality, I’m on the same journey as you. Yes, I’m a certified Health Coach and my job is supporting women in finding balance within their own health but that doesn’t mean that I’m “perfectly” healthy 100% of every. single. day. And that’s totally okay! If I were trying to be 100% of anything I would unravel under the intense pressure from it all. Side note: I know this all too well because I’ve been there in the past and extremes like this are not my friend.

I want to inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle, of course, but I want the healthy lifestyle to make you feel good about yourself starting right where you’re at now.

Health is a journey.

Health isn’t just about food, in fact, you can eat the “healthiest” meals throughout the day and still feel like crap if all the thoughts spinning around in your mind throughout the day are self-criticizing, harmful, and obsessing over making sure everything you eat is organic, non-GMO, unprocessed, natural, raw…etc. That’s when doing things in the name of “health” becomes unhealthy…when it becomes an obsession.

Some people may disagree with me and that’s okay, but I believe in finding a healthy balance that works for you.

For me, balance means truly enjoying my food, even if it’s not 100% organic/unprocessed/fill in any label here. That’s why I never label the way I eat. I am mindful of what I eat, yes, but my motive is feeling my best – not restrictive labels. My motive is honoring my body with my choices and making informed decisions based off of what feels good to me.

Some days I eat salads, some days I eat pizza, and some days I eat both! I don’t judge myself for any of these choices. Instead, I listen to my body, eat what satisfies me, and go about my day. Listening to my body and giving it food that satisfies me without feelings of guilt is my definition of health and balance.

Do you struggle with finding balance? I’d love to hear your thoughts!